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All submitted abstracts have been accepted for a presentation (oral and poster or poster only). A number has been assigned to each poster as listed in the abstract book. The poster boards are 150 cm x 100 cm (height x width, portrait format). The ideal poster size will be either A0 or A0+. All posters will be displayed for the entire meeting (Saturday evening until Wednesday at noon). The poster viewing times are as follows.
  • Even numbers first half of the poster sessions
    (Sunday and Monday 19:00 - 19:45, Tuesday 16:30 - 17:15).
  • Uneven numbers second half of the poster sessions
    (Sunday and Monday 19:45 - 20:30, Tuesday 17:15 - 18:00).
Authors are kindly requested to be present for discussions at their posters during viewing times.

Poster Sessions
Sunday,July 4th Workshops W01, W02, and W06.
Monday,July 5th Workshops W03, W04, and W07.
Tuesday,July 6th Workshops W05, W08, W09 and Hot topics.

Poster Prizes
Five poster prizes will be awarded at the end of the meeting. The competition is open to all presenting authors. Posters will be judged by an international committee of senior scientists.
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